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The thing that Female Agent does different is in the concept of amateur casting videos. The interviews are always being moderated by this foxy babe. She gets to have different people in the chair interviewing for positions, this means male and female aspirants. The session always prove to be sexually challenging for the interviews. When she is able to get the guy in front of the camera, there are suggestions and provocation that he goes through as the agent does the talking. The normal way that these videos used to be done was playing on the gullible personalities of the models.

They would have promises of instant notoriety and tons of cash if they can impress the agent with their body and skill. Of course, this was always a ruse just to film the amateur models having explicit sex with the agent. Times change and so the drama angle must change, and now it’s a female European vixen doing the casting interviews! The female porn goddess here is a sultry talking gorgeous woman who can get anyone horny and naked in minutes.


The babes who visit this interviewing room are looking for a shot at porn fame, and the agent doing the interview has no qualms about making the ladies sweat. The agent is a bit more sever on the males, cause she wants them to hold their cumshot, drill ass and pussy for extended amounts of time, and deliver orgasms and moans to the agent for as long as possible. Some exceed all expectations, the erotic level of duped amateur models fucked is sky-high, – you’ll love it all! Messing around with films in HD and having options for 1080p and 720p resolution shows that the producers here are professional and serious about their amateur casting hardcore.

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