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Cops are to maintain the peace and security of our community and in some places their duty also involves identifying sexy girls and tricking them to hardcore sex. Does this look absurd to you? To be honest I felt the same way before I finally watched some footage clips and in the end, it looks as if there is a lot of fun here. Well, let’s get inside FakeCop proper to see how this is made possible and what brought about indecency in police force.

Before going further, you should be conscious that Fake Hub Is the owner of this site and as usual, they have come up with another exciting hardcore theme which is often based on a person pretending to help but just looking for a way to fulfill his or her sexual desire. This network is made up of 6 interesting porn sites and they are Fake Agent, Public Agent, Fake Taxi, Female Agent, Fake Hospital and of course, FakeCop.

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A single membership fee as little as $1 gives you unlimited access to the sites in the network including other unavoidable benefits you could hardly get else where. We cannot ignore the fact that this network is one of the big names in online adult movie production and is a mega-site on its own class. You will meet hot and beautiful porn stars and highly talented amateur babes acting breath-taking hardcore in public and taking in huge cork in their tight anus.

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Most of the videos are shot in POV mode and as at now, there are 26 of them which the site claimed to be filmed either by hidden camera in the police cab or handheld by the cop. In some scenes, a black policewoman joins to make it a perfect interracial hardcore experience and an awesome 3 somes action. In another case, the policewoman succeeded in getting hold of male offender and as well tricked the guy to fuck her the way she wants.

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